Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Testing times

Leading into the first test against England at Dunedin, we find our BlackCaps with unwanted media attention again.
  This time it's all about Dougie Bracewell. Because he's a bad sort anyway- right? Must be, with the kind of background he's come from. And he's got tattoos. Definitely something there. For sure.
We heard through the media that the neighbours have had to call noise control out before for Dougie and his flatmates. Then there's the reminders about how rugged Dougie's dad was when he was playing cricket. So, it must be in the genes.
So was he at the party? Was he drinking? How did he cut his foot? How bad was the cut? Was he doing something foolish to get his foot cut in the first place? You know what? I don't actually care. Whatever did, or didn't happen, I just hope he gets well soon so he's up for selection for the next test. In the meantime, there's an opportunity there for someone else to have a crack at the English batting line up.

On the other hand, why do we all care what did or didn't happen there? Is it because the media feeds us this stuff to sell papers? Is it because we expect our top sportsmen to behave like prefects 100% of the time. And when they don't, we as a nation are entitled to come down hard on them? Is it because we all delight in schadenfreude and are just waiting for the chance to say 'ha! I always knew it!'
And sure as eggs, situations like this fire up the TalkBack radio. Reason enough for me to not listen to TalkBack. So let's have a go at the guy online, in the papers and on the radio. And as for the smug reporting on TV One, that was a complete waste of time. There was nothing but supposition and rumour, and snide comments along the lines of  'here we go again-surprise, surprise.'

No-one in the media seemed to have any facts. In fact it appeared that without the facts, the reporting was bound to be creative. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned right there?

I just want to enjoy the tests. It's England, here at our place for goodness sake! Can't we just sit back and watch some proper cricket against our old foes, and in our own time zone at long last?